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The ultimate ads spy tool

Monitor ads from all over the world
Macaw is a social networks ads library. The database includes all publicly available information on millions of ads and is updated every minute.
  • All possible geographies
  • Facebook, Instagram, myTarget & other
  • All existing formats
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Get the best creatives
Save both time and money on the preparation and testing of advertising campaigns: find ads of your interest, filter out those that have not passed tests and get the best ones.
  • Search by text, links, apps & geo
  • A lot of filters
  • Download videos, images or whole ads
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Keep ahead of your competitors
Detailed information on each ad and summary analytics on apps allow you to monitor competitors' strategies and control the quality of contractors' work.
  • Detailed information for each ad
  • Summary analytics on apps
  • Ads monitoring by request
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Mobile advertising market

If mobile advertising is the future, the future is now, and you should always keep your finger on the pulse.
We give insights to advertisers, agencies and media buyers.


Track how agencies and contractors are advertising your products.


Keep up to date with all trends and tendencies of mobile offers market.

Media Buyer

Find best performing creatives and improve your conversion rates.


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